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I SEE RED. welcomes the ultimate rejoicing of a performer’s love for the moving image. Two art disciplines work together to create a single piece as well as two different objects that respect their original forms. Cinema and Theatre existing side by side, living on their own but, at the same time, highly dependent on one another. The audience will then be faced with two simultaneous narratives, one figurative, one abstract. The figurative will take the form of a film, playing alongside a live performance which will fall into the abstract.

Not to be minimised, and as advertised by the chosen title of this piece, the colour red takes on a role of most importance. Honouring the undiscovered technology of classic horror cinema, colour will be something that’s lacking. Red however, bold and harrowing, will be present, standing out in a horrifically aesthetic manner.

From Lovecraftean mythology to Nosferatu to Dario Argento, I SEE RED. aims to present itself as a love letter to the horror genre. Imagined or witnessed before a screen, it’s all about fiction that moves through images.

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