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Portuguese actress born in the year 1992 with a degree in acting for Theatre from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon). She has worked with many, having been directed by Teresa Gafeira, João Brites, Miguel Fragata, Inês Barahona, Luís Miguel Cintra, Ricardo Neves Neves, António Simão, Francisco Salgado, Francisco Nicholson, Triccia Hitchcock and Silvestre Correia in Theatre and, in Cinema, by Michael Sturminger. 

30 years of age, Carolina breathes and walks among Lisboners like herself. 
She pops up from time to time only to vanish again and again. 
Her movements are fluid and graceful. 
Her presence lingers. 
There’s something about her that screams Wendy.
Yet there’s something else that screams Jack.
In I SEE RED. she will turn into both.
Red is the colour she longs for.
However, pink is what lies beyond her deceived gaze.
Carolina Dominguez will play the part of Wendy.
Not Shelly Duvall
s Wendy (she so fondly reminds us of).
But of our protagonist, red obsessed and lonesome, a creature trying to make sense of her own illusions, only to fall into despair.


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