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Portuguese Actress with a degree in acting for Theatre from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon) and in Artistic Studies from Coimbras university. She began her theatrical path in CITAC (Coimbra) and, in her career, Anabela has received direct guidance from Tiago Vieira, Luís Miguel Cintra, Luca Aprea, Jean Paul Bucchieri, Francisco Salgado, Vânia Rovisco, Peter Michael Dietz, Andrés Bezares, Mafalda Saloio, Pedro Fabião, Rodrigo Santos, Wojtek Ziemilsky and, professionally, has worked with the directors Tiago Vieira, Isac Graça, Pedro Baptista, Mário Coelho, Teresa Gafeiro and Silvestre Correia. 

Damned as all ghosts are, she will wander the streets. Your dreams she will haunt. Glowing red eyes glistening as they travel towards you, Wendy. 
Run you mustn’t, for she will follow. A mask, or is it skin, covers her youthful human form. She whispers silently. Silently towards you, Wendy, you, Carolina, you, the spectator. 

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