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RED . The colour of danger but also desire

Red is the unavoidable outcome, it’s perceived as dangerous by the protagonist, Wendy, who, while, and failing to do so, attempting to run from all that is red, obsesses over the colour in a masochist fashion. 


PINK . The weapon of concealment

Wendy consciously allows herself to drown in pink. In covering herself with that colour, Wendy will tire herself out into near madness as she will attempt to run from the similar but, for her, oh so different colour red, until she will no longer be able to escape it as she meets her fate. 


MOTHER . The inner-self, frail, ill and needing nourishment

Mother is the personification of Wendy’s inner-self, who has been left to lonesomely rot in a vacant limbo-like white space. The name ‘Mother’ indicates that there should be a loving bound between the two, Wendy and her own true nature but there isn’t. Mother is left forgotten by Wendy, locked away to vanish in a very slow and painful death. 


HER . The bringer of the unavoidable fate

Her is a messenger from the all-knowing, ‘The Mouth’. She wears red and no other colour. She is the one, who in the fatal conclusion, devours Wendy in favour of Mother. She can then be seen as a rescuer of Mother as well.  


THE MOUTH . The narrator, the all-knowing

The Mouth is a very peculiar entity. God-like, the Mouth is all knowing and omnipresent, it just knows even though it can’t see or hear and can only speak. No eyes, no nose, only lips floating in void.  

THE USHER . A being between worlds

The Usher can have multiple interpretations. He is however, in this fictional semi-autobiographical absurdist tale, the live personification of the Mouth. With the conceptual roots of this character lying in the stereotypical idea of what a cinema usher looks like, the Usher plays the role of an obsessive observer, of a perverted dreamer, a dreamer who ultimately wishes to be part of the fantastic world of cinema that accompanies him on a 24/7 basis. 

Literally represented popping out of the screen, it seems that there has been some sort of symbiosis between the film and him. His body between worlds, forever doomed to tell Wendy’s twisted tale as he can only communicate by references related to the film he is assigned to. 

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