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Failing to ignore.

In this project, the word “blonde” takes control of the scene without actually doing so. This word will merely act as one of those unreachable beings we call images. It’s not about speaking about Alfred Hitchcock and his actresses, it’s about taking a hold of his universe, extracting its contents and altering them with no remorse. By doing this, “Hitchcock Blondes” wishes to use the master of suspense’s imaginary while, at the same time, ignoring it. However, as expected, it fails to achieve its goal.


“Hitchcock Blondes” received the following review by Pedro Gil (actor and theatre maker):

“It’s always wonderful to witness something unique that is difficult to define or categorize because it didn’t exist until we see it for the first time”


By: Silvestre Correia

With: Anabela Ribeiro, José Valente and Silvestre Correia

Text and direction: Silvestre Correia

Original Soundtrack: José Valente

Footage: Francisco Carvalho


Performed at Rua das Gaivotas 6 (Lisbon)
Financial Support: Fundação GDA and PI Produções Independentes

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