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This Salomé takes direct inspiration from Oscar Wilde’s play. It is an homage to the original text and its author, yes, but it aims to go beyond that. It’s a retelling, a new take on it. By rewriting this piece, we will pay our respects to the worldwide beloved author but, not only that, we’ll also create something new as we attempt to take hold of Wilde’s piece, hoping to discard it as we unravel it. The idea is to ferociously go through the words and images that come up while reading the play and then heartlessly throw them away, keeping the leftovers.

Giallo genre, stylistic . Film noir . Theatre staging, theatrical lighting 
Pasolini (Medea) . Matsumoto (Demons, Funeral Parade of Roses) . Joel Coen (The Tragedy of Macbeth)



Want and desire . Lust and obsession . Death . Sexuality and sensuality . Occultism and the divine . The male gaze . The Moon


Directed by Silvestre Correia 
Written by George Murphy
Original Score by José Valente

Confirmed Cast Carolina Dominguez, Bárbara Bruno, Richard Strange


Director's Statement


Originally from Coimbra, Portugal, and based in Sheffield, UK, I’m a 29 year old transgender performer and theatre and film director who started his professional path, as an actor, in 2014 and, as a theatre director, in 2016. Currently, I claim myself to also be a newly born film director as my love for the moving image has grown over the years, colliding into directing my first short film I SEE RED.

My projects aims to stimulate enthusiasts. They aim to energise but, most of all, they aim to inspire others to begin creating their own work as they come to realise that all artistic universes are valid. 

It’s about making art that speaks as it’s being observed but also, more than that, art that speaks after it’s been observed, art that has an effect, art that generates doubt.

Silvestre C.

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