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What is I SEE RED. about?

I SEE RED. is deeply personal. I like to refer to it as a macabre perception of femininity by my own troubled imagination, not only as a performer, a theatre director and newly born film director, but also as a trans man who, like others, has faced troubles regarding his own physical and mental health. 

In this semi-biographical absurdist horror fiction, Wendy, our cinematic protagonist, wanders in fear. Her sight purposely obfuscated by pink as she desperately clings on to a reality where she does not belong. Her fears lie in the colour red, the colour of danger but also, let’s not forget, desire. Red is in fact the desired reality, pink the veil that separates the individual, Wendy, from her true purpose. 


What is your ultimate goal with I SEE RED.?

I would like to believe it will enthusiast enthusiasts. And by enthusiasts, I mean anyone who loves theatre, cinema, music, photography, dance, painting, any art form. It’s a show directed by someone who truly enjoys the artistic objects that surrounds us and wishes to share that enthusiasm with others.


Why should theatres welcome your show?

I SEE RED. exposes, in a very particular way, a trans man’s experience of gender. There’s no denying gender identity plays a huge role in people’s lives and that there’s a lot of misconceptions regarding the subject floating about. Clarification is needed nowadays. I SEE RED. is a film that goes beyond its meaning however, it’s more than just an exposure of a subject, a teaching tool, it’s an object deserving of appreciation as well and I do believe it’s worthy of being seen. 


What characterises I SEE RED.?

It’s a peculiar show, quite bare when it comes to set and it might not be the easiest theatrical piece to grasp when it comes to its meaning but it is there, it just plays a different part than usual.

Where do you look for inspiration?

From other’s work. I don’t copy but I do love to observe, take hold of others’ imaginary, toss it aside and develop my own, creating something new from the scraps.


Why did you decide to make a film for this piece?

I’ve been working in the theatre and visual arts performance scene for almost 10 years now and have been wishing to make a change for a while. Getting into filmmaking was bound to happen. Specially because I have always particularly enjoyed playing with different artistic elements in my performances. I would say it was an unavoidable outcome really.


What do you consider your greatest achievement in your professional path?

Starting out, the very beginning, the taking of that first step to put my work out there. Never regretted it, it has unlocked so many doors, has made life a little brighter and I’m fortunate enough to say that, since then, after the creation of my first piece, a video performance object, I have accomplished many things throughout my career as an art maker. 

What I’m looking towards now is just for I SEE RED. to be shown to audiences, to be performed and screened and seen by others. This would bring me great joy.

And, without a doubt, I wish for I SEE RED. to open the possibility for other projects to emerge. I don’t want this show to be my last and I can’t help but be brilliantly excited to see what the future holds.

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